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This is a riveting, compelling, and very real love story. In a young woman's quest for salvation through the external world, she finds herself and her true connection to spirituality. Inspired by author Tom Robbins and my own personal healing.



She began to get angry. "What have I done to deserve this?" she thought, "I've done so much for this lifetime. I've lived an almost virtuous life! I've paid my taxes! I don't jaywalk! I pay my bills on time! I've volunteered my time for the good of others! I've even had pity sex! I've tried to better myself! What does the universe want from me?!"

She was tired. Real tired. Life was supposed to be good. She was doing all she could to feel good and everything felt like it was falling down on her like a bag of cement. Like a thousand midgets in a bouncing castle that could only hold five hundred.

"Does that make sense?" she thought. No, none of it makes sense. I've done it all. I've meditated, I've done yoga, I've chanted, I sat in 10 days of silence for the love of God! I've done Ta'i Chi, Qi Qong, beat the s--- out of pillows - and you have yet to show me your stuff! Where are my benefits?!"

Julia began to fight the dust particles. She thrust her fists forward, upward; all around like a madwoman in a feline brawl. She jumped on her bed and threw a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming and then jumped back up to fight the air again and again. Tears of frustration and despair began to pour from her eyes incessantly, she could taste the salt as it flew through the air with her wailing arms, dancing an insidious dance she'd never known before. Mid-flail she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Arms in the air, she stopped and stared blankly at the reflection. Who is that stranger, she thought. She looked away, unable to make eye contact; too ashamed, too angry with the person looking back.

"You fool, why don't you step up to the plate?" she heard the reflection say.



Drama: Looove : "Cell Phone"

Chapter One
He wiped the sweat from his forehead, smearing a line of dirt that had built up from shingling a roof all day. Shaking his head with frustration, he grabbed a cold beer out of the refrigerator, popping it quickly, attempting to wash away the cotton that had been residing in his throat for the last four hours. He had wanted to finish quickly, and coming down from the roof would waste too much time. It had been an unusually hot day for November with the heat burning through the SPF 50 he had piled on before the sun reared it's blazing head.

He stood there staring at the collage of photographs decorating the front and sides of his fridge, focusing his eyes on one in particular, and quickly removing the thought of her out of his head. He walked around the corner to pick up the phone and check his voice messages. Eight new messages. Rolling his eyes back, he quickly breezed through the first five, pressing two to save over and over again, clogging his mailbox with more unnecessary banter he'd have to listen to later.

The sixth call came at 1:17pm, and the voice that came on made his heart jump, stopping him from hitting the two button once again. He glanced over at the photograph on the fridge: Anna. Sadness and anger immediately consumed him as he thought of how much she excited him and angered him at the same time.

"Hi Baby...it's me." Her voice made him weak. Four months since they parted and she still called him Baby. There was a long pause. He could hear the grainy echo of a cell phone on the other line. He hated when she used that. An old eighties song was playing in through the receiver. It was "I Try to Say 'I Love You" by Gloria Estefan.

He could hear her muffled shouts in the background. "Can you hear that song, baby? I'm feeling a bit emotional right now..." she paused again as the music faded and her voice became clearer. "Baby, I know it's a sappy song, but it totally made me think of you. I-I miss you - so much."

He could hear her sniffle and tears began to form in the corner of his eyes. He missed her too. Their parting was so abrupt and angry; both so frustrated that neither could compromise with the other that they hadn't spoken since. He heard her breath deeply before she started speaking very quickly, with the same passion he adored and also hated... more?




Angie had three fears. Fear of infedility; Fear of being barren; and Fear of being hit by a Mack truck. When two of her fears become a reality, she goes off of the deep end.


Angie jumped outside of the car and quickly ran to stand by the trunk. Chan stood with the driver's door open, crying hysterically, reaching out a helpless hand to her.

Angie looked over at her, smiling brightly and her eyes wide with energy. She walked over to Chan, their eyes locked, and took her into her arms. She placed Chan's hands in her face and kissed her softly. Hugging her quickly, she held out her hands for the handshake. Chan reluctantly performed the hand slaps, having to laugh, as she did each time as Angie took a step back to gain the momentum to bring her 5'2 frame up to her 5'10 for their ceremonial chest bump.

Angie quickly scurried to just behind the white line that separated safety from mayhem. She closed her eyes as the wind and force of the passing vehicles swayed her to and fro. Chan saw a Mack truck coming and closed her eyes, waiting for the impact. Nothing. Angie looked at her with an anxious smile. Another one was charging in the distance.

Chan ran towards her, screaming, "ANGIE! THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR!!"

Angie looks directly into Chan's eyes, smiles wildly, replying, "C'mon Jack, you can never take a fantasy too far...".

Chapter One

...I moved in next door to her about two years ago and the moment we finally met, we were inseparable. I say "finally" because it took her over a month to climb down from her high horse and open up her pursed lips long enough to extend me one word.

I had even gone to her front door. This tall, hot number answered after the fifth or sixth ring, extremely exasperated, and extremely annoyed. I had seen her in the window so I knew she was home. She threw open the door, never skipping a beat in her caddy conversation she was having on a cell phone. I stood there for about ten minutes watching her through the screen door before she waved her hand towards me claiming to not have time to talk to me. I thought it very unnecessary for her to slam the door in my face, especially on such a beautiful Fall day. Boy, was she tight. I started laughing to myself of how much fun I was going to have with her... more?


Children: "Smokey Long Tail"

It's true that every animal has it's own personality. And just like human beings, every animal has his or her own story. But no animal, big or small, seemed to have a personality as unique or a story so adventurous as Smokey Long Tail.

Let's start at the beginning. It's been said that Smokey Long Tail was born on an Indian reservation in the middle of old Chief Daniel Ashe's farm.

His mother, Mama Light Foot, was a wanderer, and she would travel from the mountains through the lakes and across the highways. Her quickness was known by all and she could dodge a hundred cars to get from one side to the other.

The only time she was ever known to slow down was when she had her kittens. Yes, on January 24, 2000 - she broke the record on that reservation.

Out came one, then two, three, then four, five, SIX, and just when she thought she was done... "BLOOP" - lucky number seven popped out with such force the little ball of fur jumped three feet! Mama Light Foot lay tired but proud of her litter.

She looked them over carefully as they lay close to her. And she counted: "One, two, three, four, five, six. All girls!" She smiled. Then her smile went away. "Why, where is seven?" she thought.

She kissed each of her babies before getting to all fours. Looking around everywhere, she began to get worried. She looked underneath old Chief Daniel Ashe's old red truck. No seven. She hurried over to the hollow log that she often slept in for shade.
No seven. She ran over to the Squirl With Twirl (because her tail had a little curl at the very end of it) and asked if she had seen seven. No luck. She ran from tree to tree, from bush to bush. Pretty soon every animal on the reservation was looking for this seventh kitten...


A Fairytale...

...even blind eyes see when looking backwards...

It was a crisp night for Southern California when her eyes cast upon another's in a way that seemed they would never tear away. February 21, 1997. Immediately, her heart jumped to her sleeve and she fell for him like a bag of cement to the floor. With her entire mind and body, she followed his laughter and bright blue eyes with immense passion. Passion that she could feel from the callousness of her heels to the vessels of her brain...like blood pumping after fleeing an attacker. Her heart was in her throat; beating harder and harder with each glance - and when he touched her, she felt him reach inside and put her heart back to rest, while at the same time, sending a tingling jolt of excitement bringing her blood into a full boil.

And she loved him. Adored him. Gave him every inch of her the second he offered permission. Tears of definitive pleasure came to her eyes at the thought of being near to him. She watched above as he encircled her; sprinkling her with unabashed veneration - allowing her to climb so deeply inside his world. She was certain they were destined to be one person. Her love for him was completely abstract; beyond reality - so incredibly passionate like those only found in gruesome fairytales. Ones that ended so wonderfully; and others that ended so gravely due to the potency of their love.

Her heart sunk at the thought of losing him. She began to feel shrouded with insecurity and fear. Like a bloodsucker, she clung desperately to him; tighter and tighter 'til her knuckles turned white with pressure. Never had she been a part of something so animated; so impassioned...the thought of losing him bated her breath. Her insecurity shamed her and her pride disallowed her to express to him how his mere presence made her believe there was good in the world. So badly she wanted to let go and give to him all that he deserved - but her fear built an incognizant shield about her. Her heart tried desperately to push itself into his view but her obstinacy was impenetrable. As she clutched him tighter, she could feel him tearing away...

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