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The most powerful experience I offer is the VIP Healing Program™. Through that program you will clear out your blockages in a powerful way, in a short time, as well as create your own daily Emotional Self-Care Regimen.

If you prefer a more moderate, yet effective, approach to your therapy, Individual Counseling may be better for you.

Just like with the Relationships, Grief, Trauma, and Group counseling, I use an integration of holistic and traditional concepts, methods, and practices.

I am confident that if you choose to do growth work with me, you will see and experience shifts and movement. My belief about humans is that everyone (1) has the strength and power they need inside of them and, through our work together, it can be revealed.

My personal and professional experience has undoubtedly resulted in powerful and permanent growth.

Whatever your imbalance is, the goal of the individual therapy is GROWTH & EMPOWERMENT. Whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction, heartache, low sense of self, etc. - we will work as a team to get very clear on what is happening inside of you, get specific on your goals and desires, and then develop a specific regimen designed just for what you need.

Essentially creating your own Emotional Regimen

What is an Emotional Regimen?

The Emotional Regimen is an internal growth process based on the integration of traditional and holistic ideas and methods, with the goal to create an emotional regimen customized for each individual - one that looks at the whole person in an assertive, compassionate, logical way.

The traditional ideas and methods are based on the various parts of Psychodynamic, Humanistic, and Marriage & Family therapies.

The holistic ideas and methods are based on Dr. Barry Green's 5 Stages of Healing, as well as the Wheel of Life theories, both of which viewing the person as a whole (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and socially).

Incorporated throughout this process is the idea of GETTING GROUNDED as a whole person. Grounding is to your emotional structure what stretching is for your physical structure. It is needed daily, to ensure that the mind and emotions are being acknowledged, maintained, and sustained in the most healthy, effective way.

This can be done through various body modalities, including yogic pranayama breathing exercises, Qi Qong, and T'ai Chi. This is also done through various mental and emotional exercises, with the focus on getting very specific with one's needs, wants, resources, and abilities - to truly know and feel "grounded" in one's self in all aspects of life. Through these body-mind exercises, individuals learn basic and deeper ideas of feeling GROUNDED: from communication skills to practicing how to be in - and savor - each moment.

The theories of the Wheel of Life allow each individual to identify and understand how they take care of themselves in each major aspect of life. Once this is clear, they can identify what has caused them to neglect themselves in these areas, and set short and long-term goals in order to make desired shifts.


With all that the Emotional Regimen encompasses, individuals are able to experience both immediate and enduring results - just like with a physical Regimen.

The goal is to get to the core of the emotion, which is usually centered around major life patterns, beliefs, and stories. As the Emotional Regimen continues, the client's inner self strengthens as he or she gets to the deepest level of awareness - focusing on shfiting from FEAR, DENIAL and unawareness to UNDERSTANDING WHY, and then to the ultimate place of ACTION.

Through their Emotional Regimen, each individual is able to connect to the exercises and tools that work for them, and take the necessary action for change.

This has shown itself to be effective with individuals, couples, and all relationships. The idea is that if each individual recognizes their emotional needs and learns how to take care of them it could change the way that individuals interact with each other overall. It could:

- Minimize conflict
- Minimize taking negative feelings out on each other
- Increase communication
- Enable deeper understanding

I created the Emotional Regimen for two significant reasons:

1. To provide a regimen that focuses on nurturing and acknowledging our WHOLE self on a daily basis.

Millions of individuals focus on their body everyday - going to the gym, "working out" - but they ignore their emotions. Throughout each person's day emotions build up that never get cycled out of the body. Hence, they build up and build up until, unknowingly "stress", "tension", "anxiety", "depression", etc. is created.

Emotions need to be cycled out (3). If they remain in the body, this stress, tension, anxiety, etc. can cause physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social problems. Having a daily regimen - an Emotional Regimen - allows individuals to sustain a more balanced and grounded emotional state, which in turn, will affect all aspects of their lives.

2. We are all different beings, made up of different life stories, schemas, perceptions, and beliefs that are based on what we learned about life.

Therefore, there is no cookie-cutter regimen for everyone - each person needs to be considered in his or her differences and truly connect to what type of Emotional Regimen best fits them.

Cost: first 30 minute consultation is always free*
Starts at $95 per hourly session.

Package Discounts:
$5 off per session if you purchase 5 upfront ($25 discount)
$10 off per session if you purchase 10 upfront ($100 discount)
*If you purchase a package and choose not to complete your sessions, you will be refunded minus the difference of the full session fee of the agreed upon hourly fee.
(credit cards, cash, and/or checks accepted)
Most PPO and POS insurance taken as an out-of-network provider.

*Please don't let cost ever stop you from taking care of your needs. Everything is doable! Just contact me and if we cannot find synergy, I will provide you with alternative resources.


Created by Aimee Zakrewski in 2006, it is not an entirely unique notion in that throughout history individuals around the world have seen the need and the benefits of taking care of your emotions.

What does make this approach to therapy and growth unique is the integration of traditional and alternative teachings and experiences to create a therapy that truly works.


(1)The only symptoms that I have personally found through my practice where this methodology is challenged is with Personality Disorders.

(2) Emotional Regimen © 2006 is an original theory created by Aimee Zakrewski and has been filed with the United States Copyright Office in combination with the following:

Level of Awareness Stick Figure* © 2005 Aimee Zakrewski
(3) Cycling out the Emotion** © 2006 Aimee Zakrewski

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