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Grounding Work : Releasing Work


Grounding Work can also be known as Support Work. It is what we need in order to feel centered and balanced in our mind, body, and heart. Some examples of Grounding Work are:

- Deep breathing
- Dynamic breathing (such as Yogic Pranayama Breathing)
- Meditation
- Positive Self-Talk
- Releasing and Replacing negative thoughts through your Breath
- Yoga

Whether we welcome it or not, any day can bring a mixture of challenges, such as (but definitely not limited to):

- Stress from traffic
- Irritation from watching a person get cut off
- Worry from work
- Having to hold space for a crying baby
- Listening to your partner vent about their day

There are many different ways that we can pick up negative energy throughout our day, either directly or indirectly. Even being the witness of something frustrating, stressful, or scary can cause you to pick up some negative energy. The various forms of Grounding Work is designed to help you ground out that negative energy and find your sense of balance again.


The most important goal you will accomplish is learning how to take care of yourself in any given moment. Whether you are coming in on your own, with your partner, or a family member, you will be taught to Make the You-Turn, which includes learning how to ground yourself during challenging moments.

With each client, I teach both traditional and holistic Grounding Work. We practice in session the different tools and methods and help you to find which ones work best for you (creating your own personal Emotional Workout).


Release Work allows us to consciously shift emotional energy through our mind, body, and voice. It is needed to give humans a way to freely express emotions – without judgment; to take care of emotions by giving the self permission express and experience them.

Society does not always allow us do to do this - so the Release Work provides an opportunity to connect and express emotions consciously and with intention.

Right now, you may have learned to have blockages around feelings.The common fear that happens now is, "If I start feeling something, I’ll get stuck in it or I’ll be out of control. It will “never” go away". Release Work shows you how to move through it. The more you allow yourself to actually feel a feeling – like anger, or frustration, or sadness – the quicker it goes away.

Emotional energy needs to be shifted. Emotional energy is fluid. When it gets stuck, it shows up as depression, sadness, anger, frustration, overwhelm, stress, fear, insecurity, doubt, anxiety, etc. Even if you do nothing, the emotional will eventually feel as if it's passed. The Release Work gives you tools and exercises to support this energy in passing in a way that feels empowering to you.

A great example of the benefits of moving Emotional energy is watching a child...Have you ever seen a child have Temper Tantrum? It's amazing. One second they are screaming and crying at the top of their lungs - and the next they are wiping the tears, running around, laughing and playing. Why? Because the emotional energy was given an outlet and essentially shifted!

Check out this 3:00 long video of my 16 month-old daughter, Olivia. It's a great example of how Emotional Energy moving out = a positive Emotional Shift...You will see around the 2:00 mark her energy starts to shift, and seconds later she is smiling, laughing, and playing. She naturally gave herself an outlet to shift her emotional energy, which released all of the frustration and sadness she was feeling.

One of the major goals of Release Work is to help us do that as Adults!

The purpose of the video you are about to watch is to demonstrate how Emotions are like waves, they are fluid energy that are continuously moving - and need some sort of outlet in order to feel an energy shift.

Young children are wonderful examples of that because they are more in touch with their animal instincts and therefore do not have a filter to tell them that it's not okay. Hence, the emotional energy passes through them naturally.

As adults, we need to do the same thing, however, we don't always have the social freedom to move that energy. We have been conditioned to be more "in control" of our emotions, which can sometimes mean not expressing them at all.
Instead, we tend to keep our feelings inside, let them build up, and then eventually they come out in an unhealthy way.

That is why I practice and teach Grounding and Release Work - tools and methods that help us, as Adults, to move out the negative energy we hold, from both our past and our present...Essentially to have a Conscious Release of negative emotions (which can sometimes show itself as a "Temper Tantrum")!


Release Work is incorporated in two major ways:

(1) To support you in Releasing negative thoughts and emotions that were created from your past, through personal life challenges, such as Grief or Trauma.

(2) To support you in Releasing negative thoughts and emotions that were created in your present moments.

THE OVERALL INTENTION FOR BOTH GROUNDING & RELEASE WORK is for you to get very clear on your own personal Emotional Workout.


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