Aimee Zakrewski Clark, MA
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Holistic Approach

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I have been practicing Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) since 2002. To date I have over 8,000 client contact hours, totaling over 10,000 hours of practice and education in the therapeutic realm. I have a vast amount of experience in working with individuals and all forms of relationships from couples to families and have gained over 1000 hours working with groups geared towards Empowerment, Teen Prevention, Substance Abuse & Recovery, Grief & Loss, and Domestic Violence realm (both survivors and offenders).

I have a Master's in MFT, and am in the process of completing a PhD in Holistic Psychology. I feel fortunate to have been placed on the path of Marriage & Family Therapy and Holistic Health. Through my education and experience I have incorporated these traditional and alternative methods to create a powerful, practical, and realistic therapeutic approach. One that is designed to support individuals to release dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in an assertive way. At the same time setting specific, realistic goals in order to maintain the discipline and commitment to achieve overall, permanent shifts - in all aspects of life.

I focus on Relationship Growth (all kinds), Individual Growth, Grief & Loss, Childhood Trauma, and Group Work, including Empowerment Boot Camps for Adults and Young Girls. With each of these I use the same concept: everyone has what they need inside of them to work through any issue. And with each of these I use an integrative approach of traditional and holistic methods.

The work I do is designed to create powerful and permanent growth.

Following Dr. Barry Green's philosophy of "Healer, Heal Thyself", I am continuously processing and investing in my own growth motivated by my belief that you can never stop growing.

I've studied at Body Mind College (BMC), where I have just about completed a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) program. There I have learned various body-mind modalities that focus specifically on balancing the body and releasing mental, emotional, and physical stress. Seeing the power in these tools has influenced an overall goal of getting grounded - in all aspects of life, for my clients as well as myself.

I take pride in having served as an apprentice to Dr. Green, whom is an author, co-founder of five holistic schools, and has over 40 years of personal and professional background as an educator and practitioner in the body-mind field. Under his guide, I have become one of only a handful of healers to earn a Holistic Certification where we are trained to assist others in deep, core level processing.My personal and professional practice is centered around his 5 Stages of Healing process, which has brought tremendous healing to many, many people throughout the years and there is very little known about a healing that goes to a deeper level.

My private practice is located in the center of San Diego (Sorrento Valley), where I work with individuals, families, and all types of relationships, and dedicate 10% of my practice to the meeting those with lesser incomes.

Towards the end of my intern hours, I worked at Family Foundations Program (FFP), which is a prison designed for women and their children. For almost two years, I worked on a daily basis with those in recovery from substance abuse and criminal activity, including facilitating groups with up to 28 individuals. It has shown itself to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

Before finding my path of the body-mind integration, I was completing a doctorate at Alliant International University (AIU), where I earned my MFT Masters degree.

When I am not dedicating my time to the growth of others, I am doing so for myself through music, art, and writing. Creating is my therapy. My personal quest is to spread laughter and compassion and to just enjoy life.

In 2011, combined with Dr. Benjamin Caldwell to open Caldwell-Clark, a Center for Individual and Relational Growth. Together, they will bring lower cost counseling byway of the most effective interns of Marriage & Family Therapy.

As a mother with young children in the entertainment industry, I have focused time and energy on creating the most positive experience for them. Recently, I founded Conscious Hollywood (@conscioushwood on Instagram and Twitter), with the intention of creating a higher awareness and sense of community in "Hollywood", especially for our youth in the business. This has inspired me to create holistic and powerful programs with the entertainment industry in mind (VIP Healing Program™ and Emotional Wellness Coaching for Actors).



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