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"...The energy of a group is more powerful than the individual..."

I have personally invested a significant amount of exploration, experience, and time with group work. In doing so, I have seen and felt the effictiveness of groups - both as a facilitator and a participant.

It is within groups that I find individuals are able to gain strength and trust - not only in their own abilities to be vulnerable and supportive, but also in others. Groups are unique in that they allow you to gain a high-level confidence and openness.


Empowerment Boot Camp
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The EBC is a two-day event designed to teach you how to create trust and empowerment in your Five Major Aspects of Life: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational.


• Complete your Wheel of Life, thoroughly assessing how well you take care of yourself in each of your Five Major Aspects of Life.

• Identify the Top 5 Negative Messages that hold you back in each of your Five Major Aspects of Life.

• Learn and practice mental, emotional, and physical methods to enable you to release those Negative Messages and replace them with messages that are Empowering!

• Learn and practice *The You-Turn Method, which is a 5-Step process to empower and ground you in the moment.

Overall, you will have an opportunity to create your own ^Emotional Workout. This enables you to know exactly what's needed in order for you to take care of yourself in any given situation, regardless of the intensity.

Permanent change comes when you show up for yourself.

Completing the EBC will support you to do just that, enabling you to push through anything that has held you back in the past, and/or give you practical ways to take care of challenges in the future.

The EBC will teach you about self-nurture, compassion, perseverance, discipline, and commitment.

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