5% of all income from the VIP HEALING PROGRAMS™ will be donated to fund a VIP program for the lower income!

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Customized 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™

These programs are both standard and customized. They are designed to support you with creating a daily emotional regimen, as well as take care of a specific challenge you may be having. For example, if you are in need of daily stress and anxiety care.

I am in the process of copyrighting these programs and am very excited to share with you once it is completed.

If you would like a 30-Day Emotional Wellness Program™ created for you, all it takes is a one-hour consultation and 90 minutes for me to create the program. You will have a customized program within 48 hours of your consultation. The fee for this package is only $350. Time may need to be added to the initial consultation in order for me to get a clear picture of what you want and need for your 30-Day.

Please note that these 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™ are not designed to heal deeply. They will definitely support you with emotional self-care around a specific challenge.If you are looking for a deeper healing, please read about the VIP HEALING PROGRAM™.

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